Ways to Avoid Getting Penalized by Google

The digital platform is cutthroat competition. One of the best ways for companies to achieve success is to appear high on the search engine results pages. This means that the search engine recognizes that your page is an industry leader with the necessary expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Businesses need to establish their online presence and reputation because it drives quality traffic to their site. Those who are only starting on the platform need to work with experts from established Portland SEO agencies to gain traction quickly, especially if their business is located in Portland. These agencies can help in addressing the various concerns about your page. 

It is always better to work with local SEO expert agencies because they’ll understand your business from that standpoint. Their expertise will allow your company to establish the brand fast. Firms such as Portland SEO agencies know the secrets and nuances of the industry and will help your company avoid chalking up penalties from Google. Punishments meted on your site will bury the page and will diminish the overall online presence.

Here are some ways to avoid being penalized by the industry giant. First, remember that online visibility is critical, so it’s best if your page doesn’t fall by the wayside.

Don’t buy links

With Google strengthening its algorithm to detect paid links, your site shouldn’t dare buy from sites peddling backlinks. With the industry giant seeking to prevent such instances, it’s only a matter of time for pages using this type of internal and external linking to get shut down. Don’t get swayed by flashy deals and affordable costs. They might cause your site precious penalties.

Don’t provide low-quality content

Content is king. That’s one of the pillars of SEO and online reputation. However, you have to ensure that the content you provide your clients isn’t scraped, bought, or mass-produced. You can, of course, hire freelancers to work with you. However, the content should stay attuned to the brand identity. If your page doesn’t ensure quality content, expect that your SEO ranking will suffer.

Don’t post duplicate content

Duplicate content can impinge on copyright restrictions. Google penalizes pages that show identical content. This means that the algorithm recognizes which contents from different pages show irregularities and may have been copy-pasted. This means the content and the page cannot be indexed. 

Avoid too many advertisements 

Google knows that sites generate income from paid advertisements. However, the industry giant penalizes pages that overload their pages and make the clients overwhelmed initially. If your page lays out more advertisements than informational content, expect your page not to get a good ranking. Make sure to spread the ads throughout the site.

Avoid link spamming 

While backlinks are among the elements that help increase online reputation and brand recognition, Google also doesn’t rank pages that have too many links in the content and all over the site. Therefore, your page should try to find a balance for each content. Don’t overload each content with unnecessary links. 

Ensure positive page experience

Google ranks for expertise, authority and trustworthiness. You can make sure that your page will rank higher if your audience will enjoy navigating the page and have a positive page experience. Work with your SEO team to ensure that all the technical aspects will work properly. 

Always check for harmful links

One of the biggest blunders that a page can make is to post harmful links. When the audience clicks on them and gets presented with scams or phishing attempts, the page reputation suffers, and the search engine will also penalize the page. Have your team check all the links and ensure that people will have a secure page.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Another thing you need to avoid is keyword stuffing. Before, the sheer number of trending keywords will help your page rank higher. Now, Google will penalize you if you try it. 


These are among the steps that a website can observe to avoid getting penalized by the industry giant. Working with expert Portland SEO companies will help them rank higher and avoid the demerits pretty quickly.