vivo v15 pro Quality Imaging Power With A Large Color Scree

“Take your phone to the next level and make professional-quality pictures every time with the Vivo V15 Pro.” That’s what the official Google Android blog proclaims about this high-end smartphone. What do we have here? A smartphone with four customizable screens, a powerful dual-core processor, a high-resolution camera, a huge 2.5-inch display, and Android 4.4 ” Jelly Bean” software, all packed into a sleeker design that’s a head turner. If you want a smartphone with all the bells and whistles, but with all the functionality too, this one’s for you.

Google has provided the folks at Motorola vivo v15 pro with an excellent choice – a phone with two big, bright screens. The large, 16.3-inch diagonal display is quite striking. It’s so big, in fact, that reading text on the phone is no problem at all. Plus, the large size of the display is great for those who need large icons or other types of graphics. And, the larger display enables users to enjoy apps that don’t really fit on small displays. The vivo v15 pro’s power comes from a pair of quad-core processors – a first for a smartphone.

With the Pro version of this handset, you can also enjoy a powerful media player with optical audio recording and a nice LCD display. This phone also offers users access to Google Talk and instant search from within the OS. Other perks include an integrated GPS navigator, a heart rate monitor, dual antennas (Rear and Front), HD voice and an impressive selection of multimedia features. This phone supports a wide range of media options including MMS, HSV camcorder, USB media player, and it even provides users with Bluetooth.

Another unique characteristic of this handset is the built-in image sensor that allows you to take a photo and instantly post it to your Facebook or Twitter account. To make this work, you need to have a quality camera that records high resolution videos and does not have facial recognition technology. The vivo v15 who has a good amount of memory space – enough to store around two hundred and fifty pictures. Users can expand the memory using a microSD card.

One unique aspect of this phone is the ability to dual it into a digital camera and a PDA. Users can do this by turning off the SIM tray and then removing the card from the phone. With the click of a button, the phone will automatically switch over to the camera and turn on the flash. You can also activate the flashlight and use it to capture images and videos. With the help of the microSD card, you can plug in the standard micro USB cable to connect the camera to the motherboard. The vivo v15 pro also features a standard headphone jack, which lets you connect to your music player or any other headphone.

Users can enjoy the benefits of a professional camera at low light conditions since the vivo v15 pro has a powerful Adreno 4x camera. With an accurate auto-focus and laser-assisted focus, the motion sensor can detect even the most blurrier moving scenes. Low light also allows for users to take photos in dimly lit rooms or indoors. The lens of this compact sized phone also has an effective autofocus feature. This allows users to snap moving images with pinpoint accuracy.